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So lost and alone I've felt since you left.
My heart cries out to you for comfort.
Because I know your there
In my soul I know your not gone.
But I'm still here in this physical world
and without you sorrow lingers on.

The joys of childhood,
watching you and your brother grow
to become strong and decent men.
Oh how proud you both have made me.
But where did all those years go.
They were gone like the wind that blows.
Alive only in our memories.
I know that memories are etched into our souls.

That was part of GOD's promise
We come into this body with full
knowledge that it's only temperary.
We get to return HOME when we've
finished learning our lessons.
And those left behind get to keep
our memories locked deep in their soul
To carry them through, Until we return
to take them home with us

So this year, Again
We will miss Jason just as much….
We will keep that glow from Heaven
in our hearts and
We will visit it often….
God does love us. One day our name
Will get the call….
and we will be HOME
For the holidays from that day
Until forever.

Merry Christmas!
With Love
Bud and Susie

My Old Memories

I remember the feel of your touch
And the ecstasy of your embrace.
Oh, how my heart would take wing and soar
At the touch of your hand on my face.

My babies dear, little, precious hands
Held so close to my heart through the years.
There so soft, so loving, so trusting
I kissed them through happiness, through tears.

How cruel, how hard that one moment
When my babies dear soul took its’ flight.
I only remember the darkness.
No daybreak, no sunshine just the night.

I thought that my heart would not make it.
There was only a lump in my breast.
It swelled up with pain and with sorrow
‘Til each breath seemed to be but a test.

Prostrate I lay before the Lord God
All my begging was gone and tears past.
However old my baby has gone…..
…..however old my memories last.

A Poem By DC
Donna Carol Wooden
Used with permission.

This web page and all the graphics
were made lovingly by me, Susie
In Memory of Jason Dunn.
Please do not take any graphics without permission.

The picture was found on
my hard drive after an extensive
search for a winter scene.
I received many beautiful graphics from
friends to aid my search....
but none seems right.
Then looking through my files again.....
It jumped out at me like a rocket....
So if you know where
this graphic came from
I will gladly give credit were credit is due.
As for me..... I said Thank You Jason.