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This was written the first Christmas
after Jason's passing....1997

Shhhh Listen

Shhhh listen! Can you hear it?
It’s your heart beating.
Sit very still and you can feel it.
How dare this heart Betray you like that.
Beating in your chest. Like nothing Has happened,
like everything is still the same, like your Child isn’t dead.
If it would only stop…I could be dead too.

But it doesn’t stop….and the agony goes on.
Listen deeper. Is that my soul singing?
How could my Soul sing when I am so devastated. IS singing.
Could it know that the pain that I am feeling
is only temporary?
Could it know that our souls
are intertwined forever?
Could it know that my child’s soul
is with me always?
Does it know The glory of Heaven
and the joy my child felt upon entering there?
If it’s singing it must know something
that this human mother forgot.

Close you eyes and listen with
all your heart and soul.
Can you feel the joy that God has sent us.
The joy of having A beautiful child.
Though in time on earth, it was very short.

But I would not trade this pain I am feeling.
I may have lost my Child to soon,
but I would not trade one moment.
That precious life brought joy
and love to a dreary world.

He was God’s gift to me.
And I thank HIM.
HE sent HIS son, so that I may live an eternal life.
And HE sent my son,
so I could live a joyous life on earth.

Memory’s still bring me joy.

Can you feel it? Can you see the Light?
Let is wrap around you. Feel the wonderful glow.
Embrace it.
What glorious light,
feel the warmth and love.
From deep within the Light
I can hear a voice that seems to be saying

" Give me your pain and sorrow, I will heal you"
Can you feel the healing?
Ever so slowly…….. by the time it is our turn
to leave this old world, we will be completely healed.

We will once again hold our child and rejoice.
For we will dance and sing and
only then will we Understand
why we were given such a heavy burden……….

Written by Me.....Susan Dunn
In Loving Memory Of
Jason Christopher Dunn

 Copyright ©
Susie Dunn
December 25, 1997 All Rights Reserved.
Do not use without permission